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Franchise Affiliation

Lovina Inn offers potential property owner to own and operate their own Hotel with a license of our Brand. The Principal will provide a set of Support, Tools and System to enable Licensee to setup their property and be ready for operation. Continuous audit and support from Principal will ensure Licensee property to reach their full potential and provide superior returns to shareholders.

Lovina Inn Franchise Affiliation Advantage:

  1. Royalty fee structure that let Franchisee retain more of their revenue.
  2. Hospitability model that provide low cost setup and sustainable growth.
  3. The freedom to customise operations and day to day running of each individually owned properties.
  4. The bargaining power of supplies from mass Principal Procurement.
  5. Randomised consistent property audit and inspection.

If you own a property and are interested in our Hospitality Model please send us an enquiry with your property details.

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